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How to Find, Evaluate and Launch New Startup Ideas in 2017

Sing up for free and get the full "7 Ways to Find Great Startup Ideas" course!

Why Enroll In This Course


Our program follows the best startup practices and the latest insights from the tech industry. You'll find many examples of the do’s and don’ts.


No more long, boring lectures! Enjoy fun, visual, straight to the point sessions that make the time fly and keep you focused on your goal.


Forget about theory, learn by doing! Each session ends with a clear mission to be completed in real-life. If you need any help, we are here for you.

What You Will Learn

Find & Evaluate Your Idea
Use our framework to come up with great startup ideas and assess them

Test It With Customers
Make sure there is a need for your product beforehand

Start Building Your Product
Build a first version of your product using several free techniques

Generate Traffic & Subscribers
Learn the best techniques to get known on the internet for free!

Master Online Marketing
Become a reference in your field by building a Content Empire

Analyze Everything
Learn how to collect and make sense of data to improve efficiency


Get Inspired by Many Startup Stories

Course Topics Included

Full Course
  • Framework to find new startup ideas
  • Brainstorming and mapping tools
  • How to quickly evaluate the potential of any startup idea
  • How to design an efficient landing page
  • Traffic generation & growth hacking
  • Lead magnets & lead generation
  • Introduction to content marketing
  • How to create simple promotional videos
  • Introduction to prototyping and MVPs
  • Basic analytics & metrics
  • Hundreds of recent startup examples for every topic
  • Discussion boards for every topic



What Entrepreneurs Say

One of the best courses! I have taken entrepreneurship courses on EdX and Coursera also, but its unique and the best. It cleared my doubts. -- Shubham

Entertaining course, never gets boring. Not typical idea generation process here from lots of others. Like the examples of companys and how others did right vs. the others who did wrong. -- Blake

I was a bit nervous before about how the things need to be executed in order to be a successful start up. Thanks to you guys for guiding in such a creative and effective way that even a guy who would be thinking about giving up will definitely try to give it one more shot confidently.Thanks a ton! -- Shahbaz

This course is right to the point, no academic terminology, just reality. I loved the logical sequence of your videos. I absolutely recommend your course including the Startup Checklist! -- Ali

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